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1K and what about 1M Does it make sense? 1K and 1M Means in English

You all must have seen on Facebook some image has 1k, 10k, 100k Likes or some video on YouTube has 1M, 10M or 100M Views but do you know the meaning of K and M in this online world What happens in
Friends, we all see 1k, 10k or 1M written on Social Media Platform or YouTube but we do not know 1k Means, so today in this post you will tell about both 1k Meaning and 1M Meaning in Hindi.
Just as we like to do most of the work in our life in the shortcut way, in the same way, shortcut words like 1k and 1M are used on all Social Media Networking sites.

What does 1K and 1M mean? 1K and 1M Means in Hindi
1K Meaning in Hindi
You all want to know the meaning of K symbol but if you look on any social media sites or YouTube, you will never see Singal K written here, here you will see 1k written 10k or 100k.
Because K on Social Media means Maths Numbers K on Social Media or YouTube means Kg means ‘Kilo’. Which has a total of 1000 units, due to which 1k Means is 1kg (kg) means 1000 units

Meaning of 1K, 10K or 100K
1K means 1000?
10K means 10,000
100K means 100,000


1M Meaning in Hindi
The meaning of 1M is known to all of you because this word is mathematical, which is also used in Istatic Counting.
M means Million.
Million This word is a unit which means one million (100,0000).

You all must have seen 1M views on most YouTube or Facebook videos and 1M means 100,0000.
1M means 10 lakhs
10M means 1 crore
100M means 10 crores


What is the value of 1K and 1M on YouTube?
Friends, 1M and 1K have the same value on YouTube and all social media like – Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube or any other social media also have the same value.

The 1K Means and 1M Means have been explained above to you in detail. Now, I explain by explaining the value of 1K and 1M.

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